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What made Scherzinger's London Fashion Week appearance impressive was the fact that she attended the Temperley show right after Williamson's and managed to sneak in a costume change in between. Temperley's catwalk was all the way across town from Williamson's at the Royal Institute of British Architects, but the former X Factor judge managed to change her outfit and get her seat in the front row in Golden Goose Sale time for the show.

Established in Canada in the 1980s and part of the Polo Ralph Lauren group since the 1990s, Club Monaco is loved for its distinctive urbanpreppy style that combines slimline shapes, minimal detailing and quality textiles. Previously available in dribs and drabs in Britain, the label has just opened its own menswear store in east London. Check it out for some of the best chinos and casual shirts around.

Or, you can always shoot your images in RAW, and Golden Goose then convert them to black and white in a program like Photoshop or GIMP. This allows you to save the integrity of the image and reduces compression. You can then further manipulate your image, including adding more contrast. Or, you can add just highlights of color. For example, if the focus is on the lips for a lipstick ad, just add color back to the lips.

The real surprise is that Walker is unable to make his punk rock, nologo crofters seem any more exhilarating or exhilarated than the most dedicated corporate brand fans he profiles. It may not, ultimately, mean much that the knitting queens of the Stitch'n'Bitch scene seem no more alive to their passion than the obsessive Nike sneaker connoisseur Yuming Wu (who owns 20 identical pairs of Air Max 90 Pythons). But perhaps it tells us that the objects drowning us are not now, and never have been, in danger of losing their connection to reality the most real aspect of them has always been the meanings we make up for them.

Bold gold chains: For the moment, forget shiny, candylike beads and last season's jumbled, multilayered look. Today, it's all about one or two long gold chains with oversize links. The hottest gold necklaces have big, interlocking loops, or big loops interspersed on chains, Golden Goose Sneakers sort of like a Tin Cup necklace with gold circles rather than pearls. Toss one on over your tunic/legging combo, your minidress, or pair a gold necklace with one of the season's hot men's suits or military jackets that are so popular right now.

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